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EWWR European Special prize 2019

"Let's celebrate a zero waste Christmas"


It has been awarded because of the good visibility and communication, for the quality of the content , the originality and exemplarity and for the impact and follow-up!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants, specially the students who are the real protagonists of this story. They will become our future citizens and will ACT in a sustainable way to make a better world.

Proud of all the amazing SDGs Actions! TEAM of teachers, who are working cooperatively, with enthusiasm and compromise to change the world!

We highly reached our goal: to learn about SDG 12: Responsible consumption and spread the message all over our school communities and the whole Europe!

We strongly believe on this quote:

" Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I understand"

THANK YOU EWWR organization, thank you teachers, thank you students who made this project come true!

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